Hip Hop 360 and House of PainT

DeCypher Cru on the Cover of XPress for Hip Hop 360

Ottawa – June 14, 2007 – XPress – This year House of PainT has partnered with the Canada Dance Festival to be the final event for their Hip Hop 360 Festival.  Check out the article in the XPress about Hip Hop 360, mentioning House of PainT.

http://www.ottawaxpress.ca/ to see all the Hip Hop 360 articles in the XPress or

http://www.ottawaxpress.ca/redirect.aspx?iIDArticle=12320&iIDReaction=0&iIDGroupe=0&iIDCritique=0&iIDSectionCalendrier=0&iIDSpectacleFilm=0&iIDRepresentation=0 to go directly to this article.


2 responses to “Hip Hop 360 and House of PainT

  1. Big ups to Shannon for a great article!

    And keep your eyes peeled for a HoP feature next week!

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