Legal Walls Safe for One More Year!



This just in: Councillors voted today to uphold the proposed strategy… but they voted to exempt both House of PainT and Tech Wall, which means that even tho legal walls won’t be part of the city’s ‘graffiti management strategy’ these two will be allowed to continue. =)

Councillors Clive Doucet (House of PainT ward) and Diane Holmes (Tech Wall ward) proposed motions to exempt the walls (they’re long time supporters of them) – and the committee approved them. The exemption will be reviewed after one year with the hope that there will be a reduction of illegal tagging and graf in the area around the walls.

Though they’re definitely cracking down on illegal graf, and some seem to think all graf is bad graf, several Councillors were surprisingly supportive of the idea of legal walls. They recommended that city staff stay in closer contact with us so that artists can have a voice in the decision making process (there were no writers or youth on the committee as far as I could tell), and most were surprised and impressed by the quality of art they saw at House of PainT and Tech (we showed them the pictures on this blog).

It’s too bad that such a heavy handed report when through, but at the moment I’m just really happy we managed to save these two spaces. They’re important parts of our community and I would hate to loose them.

To those of you who came out: We done good yo! Keep up the good work!

Will keep up the activism for more free art spaces in Ottawa, but for now it’s back to planning the event…


HoP Coordinator


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