We ah run tings


And Sabra raised her had and said: Let House of PainT have a website! 


So we do!  Welcome!


One response to “We ah run tings

  1. Like so many issues in our left VS right, polarized world the issue of graph VS vandalism is more nuanced than most people realize.

    People need to understand that you will never get rid of the idiot that wants to tag “bob was here” on some piece of public space.. the jackass is not a species that will go extinct anytime soon so there is no point in worrying about it. Graph is more than that though.. it’s free speech and local art at the same time. Legal walls will beautify the city and give local artists who may not have the cash for canvas and galleries a chance to be seen. It’s an old idea (read No Logo) but I’ll say it anyway: Non-branded space is disappearing. Everywhere you go in a city your brain is hammered with adds designed to make you feel that you would be better/happier with the latest schlock. Why should multinationals that aren’t even based in our city get to push negative values on every billboard when local artists are treated like criminals for trying to add color to their home? I doubt a conservative like Mayor O’brian could wrap his head around that one but more simply legal graph walls turn ugly concrete overpasses into local galleries and give graph artists a place to paint where vandalism isn’t an issue.

    Rather than lumping graph artists in with jackasses give them a place to showcase their work. Who knows, maybe the legal graph walls will be so beautiful no one will even notice that someone wrote “bob was here” on the nearby bus shelter

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